Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Technology In My School

ISTE Essential Conditions has 14 criteria that must be met to have success with technology integration in schools.
Shared Vision, Empowered Leaders, Implementation Planning, Consistent and Adequate Funding, Equitable Access, Skilled Personnel, Ongoing Professional Learning, Technical Support, Student-Centered Learning, Assessment and Evaluation, Engaged Communities, Support Policies, and Supportive External Context

I feel that my school is working very hard to meet all these areas in technology. We definitely have a Shared Vision for our students. We are always having professional development in technology and we have SMARTboard in all our classrooms. We have 4 Pinnacle Leaders at my school that are in several grade levels and our Media Specialist. Our Tech. Support is awesome. I truly can say that if I have any technology issue, our TSS person is always there to help, lead and collaborate.

Yes, we can always use and need more computers and technology gadgets to increase the resources for students to utilize in their learning. Project-based learning will give students the ability to be in-charge of researching, retrieving and sharing information and knowledge with students and teachers.The way we approach learning and instruction is changing from the way it was in my generation. We as educators have to become increasing aware that we are not just teaching a lesson or concept but teaching the students of our future.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Days

Well my summer will have many days of training and learning new things for this coming school year. This past Monday and Tuesday, I was at Common Core training for my county. Next week, I will be attending Pinnacle Training all week, then some more at end of month. Then at the end of July into August I have Apple Training. With all that said, today I enjoyed not having to be anywhere. I did go to the hair salon to get my hair fixed. My mind has a load of things running around in it. I have a ton of new things for teaching next year to go with common core that I have to get a grasp of. Also, being moved to a different grade level and not knowing the curriculum on top of all the new materials to teach, has my brain on overload. I will be so ready for a week at the beach next month and people say teachers have their summers off. They do not even know the amount of time that we teachers invest in our classrooms. I have to move my entire classroom to another hallway and room at my school. Decorate and set it up before orientation night. Meet with the teachers on my grade level whom which most are like myself, being moved to this grade level. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Plans

Summer is finally here for me. Today was my first day of summer break!!!! I intend to enjoy doing nothing for a few days. Next week I do have some training to attend and some throughout the summer off and on. But for the most part I am eager to relax and soak up some sun around the pool. We are going to the beach next month and whatever else we decide to do. I would love to hear about your exciting plans for summer.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Workdays and then summer here I come!

Hope your end of the school is near or already came. I have only 3 workdays and then I can begin summer break!!! I have had a great year with my second graders. It is always bitter sweet when I have to say good-bye on the last day of school. Now I have to get paper work completed and pack up my classroom for summer floor cleaning. I also was told that I am being moved to 3rd grade. So I will be including 3rd grade in on my blog. I am very anxious about this change. I have been in 2nd grade and the same classroom for 6 years. It has become very comfortable to me. I feel that this is the right time due to our county changing to Common Core this coming school year. So we all will be new to the curriculum and changes it offers. I have an awesome group of ladies that will be on the grade level with me. Once I have my new room setup and I have pacing guides and lesson made. I will then be ready to start a new year. One added bonus, I will hopefully have some of my students I had in 2nd grade in my 3rd grade class.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Facebook Page

Hi all and hope that your end of the school is coming successfully to an end. I am so ready for summer break but I have a lot of work ahead. Packing up room after finishing all of the paperwork. Training that I have to complete this summer for Common Core and Pinnacle. Then professional development at our Teaching and Learning Conference. My summer will be busy with all that and now I have decided to change up my classroom. It has been the same for 6 years. You can see the pictures in my classroom tour post below. So I in the stages of trying to figure out what I want it to be. I would love any suggestions, for a 2nd grade classroom.  But for now, I would love for you to come check out my Super Second Graders Facebook page.

I am trying to post related items about school, teaching, teacher tips, links to other blogs, and facebook pages. I would love for you to comment on post and share your expertise with me. Hoping to hear from you in the near future. Best summer to all and happy teaching for next year!!