Saturday, August 11, 2012

Classroom Progress Update

Here is an update on the progress in my new classroom. This first image is of my room after a fresh paint job and all my junk being moved in. It is so hard to believe how much you can collect in a classroom after 6 years. As I was packing up my room for the big move, I was decluttering and weeding out all the unneccessay items. I gave away tons or stuff and still I am frustrated at all that  I still have.

As you can tell by all the stuff this is not the half or it, still more in the hallway. I moved all of it in all by myself. As I am setting up my classroom, I am getting rid of items that are only for 2nd grade now that I am  in 3rd grade. I have been working all week in my room to get ready for my students. We have orientation on August 24th. I hope, I will have my room ready!!!

Check out this amazing bins I got for my book caddies.

A colleague found these on Craig's List for 50 cents each. They were a gray color and I spray painted them. I am going to add library pockets on them to write student's names. I think they turned out amazing. I picked colors out of my borders Dots on Turquoise that I am using.  I will be posting more pictures as I get my classroom ready. 
Come back and take a look and let me know what you think. I hope this will inspire you with getting your classroom ready for a new year.

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  1. Your bins are AMAZING! Great find. You should link up.