Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunday Super Sale

Come and get some great items for your classroom this Sunday. My store and TpT are having a Sunday Super Sale on February 3rd to celebrate the Super Bowl.You can get 28% of by using the CODE: SUPER

I know that I will be taking advantage of this great opportunity to get some great products for my classroom to use with my students. I have numerous items already on my wish list. I feel so privileged to be a member of TpT. There are some amazing teachers on there that help teachers like myself out in a huge way.

Thank you to all that have made a purchase in my store. It is an honor to be chosen by you. I hope that the products will be a great resource for your classrooms.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back into Action

Students are back from holidays and we are back into action. We have been busy working hard on math with our unit on multiplication. Kiddos are really enjoying getting to learn about equal groups. Awesome work going on in this room!

We have been working on our Solar System Unit. Students worked with an awesome app called Planets. They could see planets in line from our location on Earth. and constellation in the sky that are around us. They also got to see images of all the planets.

In this year of school we have a new curriculum that during my pinnacle meeting we had to pick a Christmas movie that reminded me of how the first semester was like. I stated that it was like Charlie Brown Christmas, trying to find the true meaning of common core. So now I have to reflect about how the 2nd semester will be. I feel as though that this has been a year of learning. New grade level, new curriculum across the board and new colleagues. It has been trying at times and also enlightening. I work with an awesome group of ladies. We are working together to provide the best learning for our students. We are dedicated educators that are planning and guiding each other as we learn this new curriculum together. It truly is the meaning of what our profession is about. This is a great resources for myself and my students. When you have 6 minds working together to bring the best lessons together! I love my job and my students!!!!