Monday, December 11, 2017


Seesaw has become my best friend as an educator!

During our Reader Workshop unit this month, we were focusing on fables. My students learned how to use Green Screen to create a short movie on a few fables we studied. We used the Doink app that is real easy to use. First, students worked on the Readers Theater script before we made the movie. We used props to display the characters in the fables and used images of the setting to make it seem realistic. Here is a pic of students using the green screen. 

The students worked so well together. 

This video is of Country Mouse City Mouse. Students has a blast learning how to use Green Screen with props to create this fable. 

There was two groups working on fables with Readers Theater. The second group did The Fox and The Crow. Below you will see the short movie.

I think for our first time being movie makers, we did a fabulous job! The students really enjoyed getting to create them.

Seesaw allows you to add almost anything into the app or website. It creates a digital portfolio for my students and I can use it as a fast assessment tool. It has become one of the best ways that I can assess my students and also share their work with parents. Students love to share their work with others and this is a great method that allows the teacher to authorize before it is shared. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

It is that time of year again for everything to start blooming and that brings on seasonal allergies. I love to see all of the pretty colors this time of year but the pollen does not agree with me. With that being said, I will take allergy medicine and enjoy the beauty around me.

I have been busy taking care of my daughter who has dislocated and broken both bones in her leg. This has given me a new understanding of how much we take for granted. She has to depend on my help for everything. She has been a trooper through this accident. I am proud of her strength and courage. While she is on recovery, she is completing the 2nd half of her last semester online at WCU. She will graduate this May with a degree in Biology.

This time away from my classroom has allowed me to create some new items. I have created Compound Word Puzzles.

You can check it out and see if you would like to use it in your classroom. 
Compound words are hard for some students to grasp. SO this is a great way to practice. 

Hope the seasonal allergies are not too rough for you. Enjoy your day and come back to my blog again.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Using Technology to Create an ePortfolio

In my classroom this year, we are excited to be using a new program called Seesaw. It is amazing!

 This has become my favorite technology piece this year. My students can access it with a QR code that they scan with ipad or chromebook to add their technology piece into their very own ePortfolio.

Then I have the ability to see their work and approve it. Parents can have access to their child's ePortfolio with a sign in access that I give them. Students are able to create with ipads and chromebooks and save their work into Seesaw. I have all of their work coming into one place and I can assess their work and provide feedback.

I can also post student work on my blog page, twitter and other social media platforms. Students enjoy getting to add pieces of technology into their ePortfolio. Parents have loved getting to see the work that their child is producing.

If you have never tried Seesaw. Then I highly recommend that you give it a try. If you use Seesaw, share ideas and success stories that you are having.