Monday, January 9, 2017

Using Technology to Create an ePortfolio

In my classroom this year, we are excited to be using a new program called Seesaw. It is amazing!

 This has become my favorite technology piece this year. My students can access it with a QR code that they scan with ipad or chromebook to add their technology piece into their very own ePortfolio.

Then I have the ability to see their work and approve it. Parents can have access to their child's ePortfolio with a sign in access that I give them. Students are able to create with ipads and chromebooks and save their work into Seesaw. I have all of their work coming into one place and I can assess their work and provide feedback.

I can also post student work on my blog page, twitter and other social media platforms. Students enjoy getting to add pieces of technology into their ePortfolio. Parents have loved getting to see the work that their child is producing.

If you have never tried Seesaw. Then I highly recommend that you give it a try. If you use Seesaw, share ideas and success stories that you are having.

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