Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ipad Fun in School

Today, the students were in groups working with the iPads. The students got to play with a new app that I showed them whole class how to navigate. The app was TOONTASTIC.

This group was working on setting up their story with backdrops and characters. The group did a great job working together to get all the elements of the story completed.

These guys were great working together to come up with a great story line using the characters and motions that could be created with sounds.

This four group had a fun time using the app. It was a fun way to create a story and all were in the decision making process. My students are enjoying the iPads.

These kids had the best time out of all I think. They were really into getting the scenes setup for conflict, plot, characters and setting. Adding music was a great way to set the tone of the story. We are on the road to having great collaboration with each other and using technology in a whole new way.

Each group had a different take on making their story. This is definitely an app that I would recommend for educators to use. It comes with several scenes that are free and you can add more for .99 cents. The students loved it. They cant wait until they get to work with it again. I have them thinking of their own writing and how this will be a great tool to publish their stories.

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