Monday, October 29, 2012

Marble Roller Coasters

In our STEM lessons with forces and motion, students had to work together with materials to form a roller coaster. This took some engineering design and teamwork. The students had cardboard paper tubes of different sizes. The class was divided into two groups and they had to come up with a design and put it to action.

This group did a great job getting their marble through their roller coaster. The first day of working together didn't go so smooth, but day two was a success!

This was group 1 and in this picture we are missing a few of the members. But this group worked great together. They made a plan and put it to work. 

Students enjoyed getting to work on this project with only a few materials and some teamwork. It was fun to   see them in action. Science is a great way to have students working and learning in groups. Students got to experience what it would be like to design a roller coaster. 

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