Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Elf Has Arrived!!!

Today, we were surprised by the arrival of our classroom elf. Students couldn't believe that we had been sent an elf from the North Pole. We got to decide as a class a name for our elf. Each student submitted a name and a reason why. Then as a class, we voted on a name. So the name of our elf is.........CHARLIE!!!!

The next day, Charlie the elf was in our highlighter tub with highlighters all over the floor and he left a note saying HI!!!! SO we are off to a great start with a naughty elf. 

Then today, we found him like this in our classroom. 

He had a fun time with my tape dispenser and was tangled up in the tape. But he did leave all of the students a candy cane. 

Wonder what he will be doing tomorrow?????
Check back to see Charlie the elf and what he is getting into.

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