Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Close to 100 Followers and a Giveaway!!!

Fellow educators, bloggers and friends, I am so excited about getting close to having 100 followers on my blog. This blog was started in February and I can not believe how many of you have started following. I am loving this opportunity to share and communicate with you. This has given me so much insight to the world of blogging. I had no clue to how many blogs for education are out there and all of the valuable resources you are giving. So, I am planning a Great Big Giveaway for when I reach 100 followers. So stay tuned for all the details about the giveaway. I have fellow bloggers and myself that are working together to give an awesome packet. If you are not a follower, please do to find out and help make this giveaway come true. To all that are already following, thank you from one educator to another. I am deeply touched by your response. Please continue to view my posts and you will love the giveaway!!!


  1. Funny story, I put you on my list of people to pass the One Lovely Blog award to several weeks ago, and someone else beat me to sharing it with you. Anyways, I posted about you, thought you might want to know. Great blog!

    Maria from