Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Technology In My School

ISTE Essential Conditions has 14 criteria that must be met to have success with technology integration in schools.
Shared Vision, Empowered Leaders, Implementation Planning, Consistent and Adequate Funding, Equitable Access, Skilled Personnel, Ongoing Professional Learning, Technical Support, Student-Centered Learning, Assessment and Evaluation, Engaged Communities, Support Policies, and Supportive External Context

I feel that my school is working very hard to meet all these areas in technology. We definitely have a Shared Vision for our students. We are always having professional development in technology and we have SMARTboard in all our classrooms. We have 4 Pinnacle Leaders at my school that are in several grade levels and our Media Specialist. Our Tech. Support is awesome. I truly can say that if I have any technology issue, our TSS person is always there to help, lead and collaborate.

Yes, we can always use and need more computers and technology gadgets to increase the resources for students to utilize in their learning. Project-based learning will give students the ability to be in-charge of researching, retrieving and sharing information and knowledge with students and teachers.The way we approach learning and instruction is changing from the way it was in my generation. We as educators have to become increasing aware that we are not just teaching a lesson or concept but teaching the students of our future.

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