Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finding My Way in a Sea of Apps!

These past days during my training at Pinnacle, I have been having fun getting familiar with the iPad for my classroom. The people in my group are awesome. It was so valuable to meet them and be apart of this journey together. I have made some lifelong friends. We had the opportunity to share with each other apps that we thought would be great to use with our students. We only had the one iPad that is designated to the teacher but will have 5 more for students to use. It is so overwhelming, like a sea of apps that I am having to swim through to find what I feel will be the most beneficial to my students. Once I get my classroom roster, I will even have a better understanding of what apps can be most valuable for my 3rd graders. Many of these students I had the year before in 2nd grade. This will be important for me to already know how these students work and their knowledge of computers. I am super excited that the iPads will be a great asset to my classroom and most importantly for my students. I will post about the advantages of having them and the progress that my students achieve.


  1. I love our iPads!! They are amazing tools :)


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
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  3. Hi Tonya! I am so happy that we are in Pinnacle together! Thank you for sharing the apps you've found and all of your other ideas! I know that our students will love blogging and skyping together!


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