Monday, July 30, 2012

Technology Is Awesome

I am currently on my new MacBook Air that will sync my iPads for my classroom. It is so amazing how little something can be and be so amazing. Learning how to add apps and sync them to the iPads is a great experience. This will be an amazing resource for my classroom and STUDENTS!!!! These elements of technology will be a valuable asset for  teaching 21st century skills. This is the technology generation and we must provide them the resources necessary to prepare them for their future here and globally. I am very excited about having these resources for my students to take advantage of in their learning. I have also been pinning technology pins on Pinterest that deal with technology and iPads. You can see my pins on my Pinterest account. Pinterest is a great place for loads of resources for educators. I have gain some value tools to use in my class this year. Here is to a great year with technology in your classroom.


  1. That is so exciting about your ipads! You are so right, we must teach this generation the technology that they will need. :)
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  2. Ya it is right that if you use technology in your study, than student perform better. In this days this type of gadgets are really helpful for all, either students or professionals.

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